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Keyboards & Pixels

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Investor Festival

A conference to assist Start Ups and inform on Cloud technologies

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Local Area Awareness Is Here!

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Designed the logo, cover and book for the successful workbook INSIST – Create your dream career

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Designed and developed the website and members are for the International Consortium of Minority Cyber Professionals (ICMCP)

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Designed & Developed the web platform for ExpertDojo. Making one easy to meet Experts and get opinions on scaling up your business!

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Team+ is a HR Recruitment software for IT Recruiters to find, match and place the correct candidates in open open positions. The software is 100% web-based, interactive, intuitive and user-friendly. Special attention has been paid to user ergonomics and admin …

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EUROMED Economists

Web design and implementation of official website

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Pay It Forward Labs Logo

We created the logo for Pay It Forward Labs – based on their philosophy of intelligence, sharing, networking and above all the success that this initiative guarantees!

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Designing Freedom

Providing design and software results in more than 30 countries for various of international companies!

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EA Consulting

Evolutionary Archetypes is a creative online communication company specialized in IT consulting, IT Staffing services, technical communication and e-learning. We created their logo, web design and print material.

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Language Training Material

We assist this market leader with customized training material for complementary industry language training.

Freedom is a birthright & all to fight for! We set words in motion & create worlds!

Nektar Baziotis


Creative Innovations




Innovate Create Touch

We aim to express the ideas of companies and professionals around the world to move beyond local and conceptual boundaries, by creating high quality user-friendly software, delivering unique graphic designs, and defining exact technical communication messages.

Software Custom Solution Development
. We innovate and develop new software that serve real needs. We translate abstract ideas into  concrete software solutions that assist in increasing efficiency, productivity and profits.

Graphic Design
.  With our unique graphic designs, we rid the environment from cheap mass designs and visual pollution by forming meaningful aesthetic creations all around us.

Technical Communication
.  We decode convoluted texts and expert jargon into meaningful clear user-centric texts that get you in direct touch with the reader.

We are only interested in evolutionart and freedom.




The Story of Enki Tech

Founded on November 11, 2013 in Santa Monica, California, we started our business in the United States to provide our solutions and services to a larger amount of people. Also, we know that early adopters of any technology are found in a place where free thinking, initiative and responsibility are considered as strength.

The story begins before that when we were operating separately: a Greek web designer who grew his skills into a Europe-wide recognized web company and an Austrian tech writer whose clients know they receive clear business, proposal and tender writing.

Today, we combine the principles of two cultures: the ancient Greek philosophers who believed in the human soul and logic with the Central European value of trust, honesty and the advancement of the group. This is where a balanced Mediterranean lifestyle based on beauty and happiness merges with the Central European structured thinking, organization and order.

In our daily work, we were looking for software solutions that assist us in becoming better in our daily tasks and to deliver faster results to our clients. We could not find these specific programs on the market and decided to create our own software solutions used in different sectors including HR, telecommuting and healthcare.





At Enki-Tech, the quality of delivered services/products is one of the cornerstones of success. Therefore, our team strives to achieve excellence by going beyond quality management to quality assurance. In other words, we feel that quality management – reviewing deliverables before submission to our clients – represents only the basis.

We believe in quality assurance and constantly review progress and quality at each step of the process to prevent any quality concerns. All deliverables are reviewed by the relevant manager and most are previously reviewed by peers/colleagues or involved consultants. We also continuously improve our process through experience and input from our collaborators and team members.

We consider the implementation of the Enki Quality Assurance as the responsibility of each and every team member and consultant, starting with the Managing Directors who take policy decisions that enable the correct  action to be implemented throughout our company.


Our Services

we provide solutions of high quality





We live in a digital world where all information and people are a click away. Why not also use the web to improve business processes and use industry best practices by creating ready web software solutions?

Based on this way of thinking, we are working on the following products:

Team+ is an online software application for IT  Recruiters. Applicants can submit and update their resume, and recruiters can manage and match profiles. We developed this software for internal use at Apogee and are helping the company sell the software.

Enki is a telecommuting software that helps people to work from home and managers to review the work and progress anywhere. With this software, we want to contribute to a paradigm shift from 9-5 productivity to working whenever a person is most creative





Branding is the visible representation of your company’s / organization’s values and philosophy. It takes just a few seconds to win a client or not. The first interaction shoud be immediate and convincing, containing the concrete message of who you are and proving the quality of your services. The result should always be friendly and approachable, honest and responsive, ready to improve constantly.

We specialize in delivering to you:

  • Visual Identity Design. We design unique logos and design proposals applicable to both web and print layouts. Focused on your entire profile or a specific product, providing you with attractive imagery or with the full creative execution of various ad campaigns.
  • Multimedia Implementations. We create short or long video spots, either with imagery effects or human interaction, with customers or with staff expressing their own experience with you, making the quality of your company or your products evident. These are ready for viral marketing or screen presentations,
  • Market Penetration Study and Customer Approach Strategies. Taking into consideration the characteristics of specific market segments, cultural diversities and current as well as future positioning aims, we assist in drafting and implementing specific strategies that have as main aim to expand your business. We use creative marketing techniques such as webinars and videos.
Our methodology consists of 9 steps:

  • Philosophy: Mission, Vision
  • Reality: review of current existing brand elements
  • Future: definition of the brand vision
  • Reality vs. Future: analysis of brand gaps
  • Path: definition of brand strategy
  • Identity: creation of core brand – logo and name
  • Outreach: using the brand in external communication – website, brochures, letterheads, etc.
  • Consistency: style and brand manuals
  • Experience: interaction and engagement




With our Technical Communication services, we can assist your users and clients to understand your technology and its benefits. We distinguish ourselves by delivering only high quality ahead of time so that all feedback is integrated as scheduled.

  • Proposal Writing: With ample experience, we assist in designing, writing and improving proposals including success assessment, background research, budget drafting, partner search, and policy and market impact studies.
  • Technical Writing: Training material, product updates, newsletters, user manuals, development specifications, blogs and website texts as well as forum posts require the correct balance of technical information and targeted language. Technical texts can become powerful external and internal marketing tools when done correctly.
  • Market Research: Consumer behavior has changed, especially with consumers becoming more conscious and selective during the economic crisis. Whilst they have more disposable income again, they know the tools to find the best quality at the lowest price. We can assist you to identify the important trends and how this translates to your product offer and marketing.
  • Scientific Research: With a strong specialization in quantitative and qualitative methods, we can assist you in proceeding in the most scientific and efficient way when designing research, literature review, data collection, data analysis and interpretation as well as the publication process. Our thematic areas of expertise are IT and international trade.
  • Academic Support: We assist Professors and Lecturers with creating the most beneficial curriculum for both themselves and their students. With our specific case study writing technique and in-depth knowledge of different e-learning platforms, we provide more than just teaching assistance.

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